The "Training" app is a component of the medical product smartec.

The app "Training" gathers the data about the training that the patient has completed and forwards it automatically to the smartec web platform.

The "Training" app enables a patient's heart rate to be monitored during training with the aid of a Polar belt. The training can be either 'free' or 'preset':

  • Free training unit: training provided by the smartec web platform. It shows only the patient's heart rate and the duration of the training. Its purpose is to enable patients to monitor themselves.

  • Preset training unit: this is set and managed by the doctor for the patient. The doctor defines a target zone (HIT-HV) or a target zone and a tolerance zone (moderate), in order to be able to monitor the patient's training in accordance with their needs and state of health. A large number of different training units can be created.

The "Training" app can be connected to:

Heart rate monitor Polar H7