IDS connects.

We link leading-edge communication devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs with innovative telemonitoring platforms, connecting doctors with patients.

As a provider of innovative telemonitoring, we offer hospitals and doctors IT-based telemedicine platforms and apps (Android devices and iPhones) for non-invasive procedures.



back end

front end

We devise advanced, individualised telemonitoring platforms for the management of therapy and training.

On the basis of comprehensive, clear evaluations you are always in a position to respond to your patients’ vital signs and training results. This means you can make your treatments more effective. Thorough monitoring of progress paves the way for better treatment outcomes.

From telemedicine equipment and the technical infrastructure to mobile apps and the telemonitoring platform – we develop the appropriate solution as a one-off or a complete package.

Our web-based telemedicine platform and app for Android devices and iPhones is suitable for the telemetric monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, body weight, heart rate variability and the supervision of training plans, as well as the measurement of daily activity via accelerometry.
A subjective assessment of quality of life can be integrated into the platform through an online questionnaire.

By combining the management of treatment with training you are able to enhance your patients’ quality of life.

Data transfer to our telemonitoring platform makes use of the very latest telemedicine measurement devices. Our telemonitoring solution is compatible with medical measuring instruments using almost all Bluetooth protocols.

For us, quality and ease of handling are the decisive factors in the selection of devices. The IDS telemonitoring system is deliberately designed not to be tied to specific manufacturers or systems. This independence enables us to respond flexibly to our customers’ wishes and requirements. We are of course also continuously expanding the range of diagnostic tools.