Opportunities for the effective management of therapy and training.

The web platform for doctors is a component of the medical product smartec.

smartec provides the doctor with all the patient's measured vital signs and training data. The doctor can assess the transferred values online at any time, and use them to manage the patient's training and therapy. The data can also be downloaded as a PDF report or a CSV file.

smartec comprises a web-based platform and apps for Android devices, designed for the telemetric transmission of blood pressure, heart rate (at rest and during training), body weight and training goals as part of preventive therapy.

Technical infrastructure
The centrepiece of the IDS solution is the automatic transfer of measured body values to a web-based platform. The transmission equipment used for this is the patient’s own electronic device, such as a smartphone or tablet PC. These receive the data from medical measuring instruments via Bluetooth and transfer them to the telemonitoring platform (online database) over a secure internet connection (SSL encryption). The transfer process from the measuring instrument to the platform takes place in real time, so the results can be utilised digitally immediately after the measurement.
Data security
Telemonitoring is subject to data security conditions and legal regulations, which is why we constantly adapt our telemonitoring system to comply with the latest statutory requirements. All patient details and analysis data are stored in a protected database. Only the patient and the doctors treating the patient are able to access the information.

Our IT technology is designed so that the data can never be manipulated or modified in any way. All transmission protocols have to comply with data protection requirements. The patient is the sole owner of the data.